Creative Upholstery Works is a fully Australian owned and operated company specialises in bespoke, artfully handcrafted seating solutions for domestic and commercial purpose.

Creative Upholstery Work’s design director, Umesh Gohil has been working in concert with Australian and overseas architects, interior designers and since 2012 and is adept at delivering versatile, flexible and innovative designs for new installations and refurbishments – all constructed locally from quality Australian and imported materials.

In addition to working with design professionals to produce site specific seating solutions, Creative Upholstery Works produces its own range of furniture including sofas, sofa-beds, lounge suites, Arm chairs, Upholstered beds, Ottomans, bedheads and many more upholstered items the range includes many designs that would prove beautiful additions to home living rooms and in your rooms and also includes designs created for commercial environments. Choose from our range of locally manufactured furniture or invite Creative Upholstery Works to combination with your design team to produce bespoke furniture perfectly matched to your needs.

Creative Upholstery Works is local manufacturer uniquely positioned to work closely with you to develop prototypes and limited editions with none of the logistical disadvantages of distance, language and frustrating challenges of overseas imports and delivery also poor quality of materials and workmanship.