Living Room

Seat Comfortably with a Creative upholstery Work’s Sofa

Arguably, the sofa is the most important piece in any reception room. Reflecting the personality of both room and owner but, more importantly, creating a space for you, your family and your guests to gather and relax. Whether it’s sleek and simple or opulent and imposing, every sofa makes a statement.
No matter the size or style of room, your choice of sofa needs careful consideration to create just the right atmosphere. A foyer or morning room may need nothing more than the clean. Understated lines of a retro day sofa, whereas a family room demands a vast expanse of oversize.

All combine to create a truly unique living space for you to relax in style and comfort.
Whether you are looking for a single sofa or you want to mix and match to furnish all your living spaces. Creative Upholstery Works offers a stunning collection of comfortable and contemporary sofas.
With such a wealth of inspiration, take some time to sit back, relax and imagine your perfect designer sofa.

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